Why would you buy a granular sulfate when you can purchase a granular pellet that contains EDTA chelate, Lignin Sulfonate chelate, and Humate as well as Sulfate?

Sulfate limitations:

• Only work well in low pH or neutral soils.

• Can wash away and leach into the subsoil if the weather gets too wet.

• When they dissolve, can immediately be caught by substances in the soil (such as phosphates that you add as part of the N-P-K, clays, carbonates, organic matter, etc.) and form insoluble materials that the plants cannot take up.

Here is why our 5 in 1 Staged product line works better than granular sulfates:

• Can work in all soil types – sandy, loamy, organic, clay, etc.

• Can work in a wide range of pH in the soil.

• A farm store operator can reduce his inventory; no need to carry 4 or 5 different products.

• 5 in 1 Staged products provide great value to the farmers that know their land varies from acre to acre. Now, one product fills the nutrient need for all of their farm’s acreage.

• 5 in 1 offers a staged release of the nutrient that protects and feeds the crops at the emergence stage, the growth stage and all the way up to harvest.

• Works well in a variety of climates and water applications.

What is a staged product?

Our Five in One staged products are composed of individuals elements, or combinations of elements, in EDTA chelate, lignin sulfonate chelate, humate, sulfate and oxide form. Often, we add an element of N-P-K to contribute an important aspect to the granule.