Are the farmers in your area farming in difficult soil?

Maybe they have high soil pH or they have fertilized so much that any micronutrients applied will tie up in the soil phosphates, carbonates, clays, organic matter…

Scott G. Williams, LLC has developed the Ultra Chelation™ chelation process to resolve the problems faced by growers.

The Five Major features of Ultra Chelation™ are:

1. Ultra Chelates withstand up to 8 times as much base and alkali as do traditional EDTA chelates.

2. Ultra Chelates distribute from the soil to the root hair using a Chelator bus system, whereby the chelate “ferries” the nutrient from the pellet to the root hair.

3. This allows immediate plant uptake as the metal ion doesn’t have to make the chemical conversion in the soil in order to become available.

4. Ultra Chelates perform over a greater pH range than traditional EDTA chelates.

5. Ultra Chelates are engineered to use the same technology in a powder form (for easy use in fertigation, drip and foliar applications) or as a pellet (for use in granular fertilizer soil applications).

success stories:

• Manganese chelate pellets tried by Chinese testing in peaches – over 20% increase in yields and fruit quality and size reported “superior”.

• Zinc chelate granular trials against granular sulfate in Michigan farm. Tissue samples in corn plants indicated more zinc in plant with Ultra Chelates even at ¼ the dose of zinc sulfate.

• Calcium chelate spray on tomato plants in Georgia prevented blossom end rot and the Ultra Chelation™ buffering effect did not burn plant leaves.

• Turf farmer in mid/south Florida optimizes turf quality with Fe 13 Florida Live! chelated granular iron.

• G. Pardo, Florida resident, uses Ultra Chelation™ products on her fruit trees. Reports that her mangos, avocados, mameys have a super yield and the fruit are as large and sweet as she has ever seen.

• Mix of chelates are granulated using Ultra Chelation™ technology. In China, farmers double yield and produce healthy, superior nuts.

• Granulated mix of Ultra Chelated Zinc and Magnesium pellets amaze a Georgia grower. Figs formed at the end of each limb appear to be “hanging like hams” off of a mature fig tree. She says that the fruit are well-formed and very sweet.