coating powders

Wildfire coating powders are the only commercially available Ultra Chelated ™ coating powders in the world

Engineered and manufactured using SGW's US patent family (3 US patents), Wildfire chelates are extraordinarily soluble and bioavailable -offering the most efficient method of introducing nutrients into the plant.

Wildfire powders can be used as a coating for NPK pellets or can be dissolved for most liquid fertilizer applications. As an ultra fine powder, a small amount (3-15 pounds per ton of NPK pellets) can be added into the bulk blending process to coat the pellets, thus producing a "blanket of chelation™" effect when pellets are broadcast into the field. Every NPK pellet becomes a carrier for the chelated Wildfire product. This is the best way of fertilizing the field. The dramatic pictures below will demonstrate how Wildfire can give the broadcast an unparalleled uniformity - thus ensuring that the planted seeds or transplanted plants will come into contact with the targeted nutrient.

Two large beakers containing NPK pellets. Beaker on left has been blended with zinc sulfate addition at rate of 150 pounds per ton.  Beaker on right has been coated with Wildfire Zinc powder at rate of 15 pounds per ton of NPK pellets.  Both zinc sources have been coated with a glow-in-the-dark paint to demonstrate zinc location in the blend.  Note the relatively few specks of zinc sulfate granules in the typical NPK blend.  However, consider the "blanket of chelation™" effect with the Wildfire Zinc treated NPK blend.
Which NPK blend will best make zinc available to a field of crops?

Liquid Applications

Wildfire coating powders are also dissolved into most liquid fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc. for liquid applications. For years, customers have been using Wildfire as a trace element and secondary nutrient addition in powdered water soluble fertilizers. Other applications include uses as secondary and micronutrient additions in fertigation and drip irrigation as well as a foliar spray after the crop emerges from the soil.

Some competing coating powders are made of oxides, sulfates and other insoluble or hard to dissolve materials. The photos below show the difference between a suspension made from these competitor coating powders and a clear solution made with Wildfire chelated powders.

Injectable Powders for Trees

Wildfire Iron has been featured in a study, paper, and professional presentation with regard to saving pine trees by injection directly into the trunk. [Read the research report "Alleviating Urban Slash Pine Chlorosis" by George H. Snyder, University of Florida]