Granular Pellets


A. Florida Live!
Ultra Chelated™ Granular Pellets

There are horticultural and agricultural applications where a chelated pellet is desirable. When performance is paramount, in situations of difficult soil, and in high pH environments, a granular chelated secondary or trace element is often the best choice. In fact, 60-year old research in Florida indicates a requirement for chelated nutrients in order to allow some nutrients to be available to citrus trees in the growing environment.

Florida Live! Granular Ultra Chelated™ Pellets are used in bulk blends with NPK pellets. They provide chelated elements (single elements and formulated mixes) in granular form. These pellets have a hard integrity that allows for dependable blending with NPK pellets and other fertilizer materials. The method SGW employs to granulate the pellets allows moisture to slowly solubilize the pellet which dispenses Ultra Chelated™ molecules into the soil. The root hairs feed on these nutrients and the pellets continue to release chelated nutrients until completely depleted. Several sizes are available - standard (SGN 240-300), miniprill (SGN 180-200), and greens grade or microprill (SGN 100-120).

B. 5 in 1 Staged Pellet Technology

Five in One Staged granular pellets are designed to solve two problems most growers and their suppliers face. First, all fields are NOT homogeneous. Most are heterogeneous and have spots of low pH and high pH, dry spots and wet spots, sandy spots, organic spots, clay areas, etc. In order to properly feed these spots, one would have to use chelates for the high pH spots, humates for clay and sandy spots, sulfates for neutral areas and fine oxides in low pH soils. Since this is not practical, the solution is to use pellets that contain the targeted nutrient(s) in five different matrices. Thus, the Five in One Staged granular pellets are made with two chelates, humate, sulfate and fine oxide. In this way, the field will be properly fertilized in a manner that allows for root hairs to accept nutrients in all types of soil conditions.

Secondly, the product line offers the distributor and grower a well-priced product that includes two chelates at a price level that normally doesn't allow for purchase of chelates. This is a result of the US patent based technology used to add the chelated component to the product. Products include 5 in 1 Iron (used - through a distributor - at Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters Tournament is played every year), 5 in 1 Zinc5 in 1 Manganese5 in 1 Potato Mix, and other formulations.

C. SGW SOLUBLE Granular Pellets

SGW SOLUBLE has been manufactured by SGW since 2001. It is a complete secondary and micronutrient package developed from the results of a study which examined tissue samples from all over the world. This study totaled the amount of nutrients collected in fruits and vegetables as well as dropped foliage to determine the ratios of secondary and micronutrient elements that need to be replaced for vegetation on an annual basis. As a result, the current formula of SGW Soluble was finalized and, after two years of product formulation and manufacturing trials, a pellet of hard integrity was produced.

SGW SOLUBLE granular pellets are used to provide secondary and micronutrients sulfate and chelate nutrition in many nursery potting soil mixes, sprinkled on top of growing containers in order to add nutrition as the pots are watered, mixed with NPK and broadcast into agriculture application, golf courses, and can be coated with a polymer resin in order to control release rates from six months to longer periods.