Jack & Stalk



The best way to ensure a plant's success is to care for it from seed to harvest. SGW's Jack and Stalk seed treatment liquid coatings provide a micro environment for the start of the seeds life, the coating also covers the seed with NPE 442 - a SGW complete liquid fertilizer with nutrition and biology engineered into every drop - along with targeted elements appropriate for the seed. For example, Jack and Stalk with Wildfire Iron is appropriate for seeds that require iron nutrition early in their development. With Wildfire Zinc it is appropriate for crops such as corn and rice. With Wildfire Manganese it is appropriate for crops such as soybeans.

This nutritional start is crucial to ensure that the plant begins its growth from the seed stage and progresses into succeeding stages in as healthy a manner as possible. The coating helps to provide nutrition that helps to promote and speed proper germination once the heat, moisture, and microorganisms in the soil activate the seed. The plant that germinates has a head start that outperforms traditional fertilizer-fed seeds by a large margin.


Jack and Stalk seed treatment liquid coatings are available in 2 1/2 gallon containers and 250 gallon plastic totes.